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Sai Millennium School, Muzaffarpur, setting its root as a very small unit, has turned into a widely known outstanding educational institution in the realm of human resources development. It is based on C.B.S.E teaching curriculum.

This is not only embodies the fundamental motive of education but also ensures comprehensive development of students in terms of their physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual and educational development. This school intends to work sincerely for the all round development of students addressing the creativity embebed in their delicate mind. Read More...


Personal Awareness

Languages Development

Nurturing Individual Potential

Fine Motor Development

Socio Emotional Development

Gross Motor Development

Sai Millennium School Facilities

 Mrs. Ritu Sharma

At Sai Millennium School we feel believe education is power". We work in such a way that each and every child of Sai Millennium is equiped with the weapon of education which he can use for development of not only his Individual future but for the future of his society and country. At Sai Millennium School the uniqueness of each child is recognised, natural and treasured. We emphasis on learning and not teaching. Our Focus is to develop our student as Global Citizen...read more

( Mrs. Ritu Sharma )

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