Sai Millennium


Sai Millennium School, Muzaffarpur, setting its root as a very small unit, has turned into a widely known outstanding educational institution in the realm of human resources development. It is based on C.B.S.E teaching curriculum.

This is not only embodies the fundamental motive of education but also ensures comprehensive development of students in terms of their physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual and educational development. This school intends to work sincerely for the all round development of students addressing the creativity embebed in their delicate mind.

Little Millennium is a highly successful school for kids. At Little Millennium, even step of your child 's education is planned to the last detail. Our team of professionals specializing in early childhood education have drawn upon their years of collective experience to come up with elements that contribute to be a confident smart and well adjusted child.

Little Millennium curriculum has been developed for 2-6 years olds to ensure high-quality learning standards. In consists of :

Developing Roots 2 to 3 years
Emerging Wings 3 to 4 years
Ready to Fly - I 4 to 5 years
Ready to Fly - II 5 to 6years