At Sai Millennium School we feel believe education is power”. We work in such a way that each and every child of Sai Millennium is equiped with the weapon of education which he can use for development of not only his Individual future but for the future of his society and country.

At Sai Millennium School the uniqueness of each child is recognised, natural and treasured.

We emphasis on learning and not teaching.

Our Focus is to develop our student as Global Citizen.

For us education is not just about the subject that are learnt and taught in school all the activities we do in school leads to the development of the character of the child.

We feel the weight of responsibility that we are carrying, the trust that has been shown in me and my collegues and on my school in whole and I on behalf of Sai Millennium family promise to give each child a very very bright future and make them a well educated and well behaved citizen.

I am sure children will step out of my school as a confident and positive person.

We believe that education cannot be restricted in books, copies classroom lab, marks percentage becoming educated is not restricted to being in school and then in college, gathering certificates and feding proud of oneself. It is a lifelong exercise. For me learning of my children being the moment he step in campus of my school and it continues till he learn us for his/her home after dispersal.

In the end I must best of luck to all the learners of my school and promise them to help them achieve their goal in life and become a good human being.

Mrs. Ritu Sharma