Empower our children

We believe in the development of child's personality in totality with an assumption that every child is diamond. We have only to chisel him/het out so that he/she can glitter as diamond.

Our Commitment

We are committed to prepare children for life through experience learning the encouraged reflection, inquiry, the development of multiple intelligence academic rigor, a connection to nature & sensitivity to environment and the capacity to face challenges with creative sensibility.


Discover the potential… Our endeavour would be foster the sense of fraternity, brotherhood, competitorship and character building among the student for all – around development of their personality.


The school is strictly dedicated to the sole thought 'Discipline makes the country great' and so it creates a desciplined environment and ensures that students adjure the rules of discipline strictly. In case of non-compliance to the rules of discipline in spite of repeated warning, the admission of any of the students can be abrogated without notice.


The students in the school are taught under provision of C.B.S.E curriculum and NCERT Syllabus.


Medium of instruction is absolutely English, but for the teaching Hindi and Sanskrit literature these respective languages have also been allowed as the medium of instruction.

Registration And Admission

Candidates seeking must purchase a prospectus attached with registration & admission form and after duly filling it, they must submit it to the office within stipulated day. Admission & registration form must be accompanied by SLC, Date of Birth Certificate ISSUED By & Department of statistics of the State Govt. /Municipality / Mukhiya /Hospital /Affidavit and Photograph duly affixed on the prescribed place. Principal reserves the absolute right either to allow for admission or not.